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Shamokin's History!!!

Shamokin in 1839

  The town of Shamokin enjoyed little more than a nominal existence until 1838, when the western section of the Danville and Pottsville Railroad were completed.

  Operational industries made thier debut. A machine shop and foundry were placed in operation, and the erection of dwelling houses recieved a quickening impulse. The small town of Shamokin had reached the proportions of a small village in 1839.

  Sunbury St. (which nearly coincided with the course of Old Reading Rd.) was opened throughout it's whole extent. Shamokin St. was passable from Sunbury St. to the intersection of Clay and Spurzheim Sts.

  Most of the remainder of the town plat was covered with a dense growth of timber, the creek pursued a winding course, and on it's banks the underbrush was almost impenetrable.

  One catholic church and a one-story school building constituted the conviences for religion and education for this small town.

Married Residents and Occupations in 1839

Sunbury Street

North Side:
Joseph Snyder-Land Agent
George Shipe-Machinist
Samuel Smink-Blacksmith
James Wallace-Helper in the Smithshop
Jeremiah Zimmerman-?
James Dyer-Hotel Keeper

South Side:

William Reuben-Merchant
George Martz-Contractor and Builder
John Boughner-Carpenter
Jacob Mowery-Butcher

Shamokin Street

East Side:

William Reuben's Store
Jacob Zuern-Blacksmith
Joseph Zaner-Carpenter
Jacob Smink-Blacksmith

West Side:

Stephen Bittenbender-Carpenter
Ziba Bird-Agent for John Boyd
Jacob Kram-Hotel Keeper
Richard Wolverton-Teamster
Samuel John-Merchant
Casper Scholl-Carpenter

Commerce Street

North Side:

Benjamin McClow-Carpenter
Stillman Eaton-Mason
Joseph Bird-?

South Side: Sylvanus Bird-?
Matthew Brannigan-Railroad Employee
Kimber Cleaver-Engineer
Jacob Kram-Hotel Keeper

Indefinite Locations

Joseph Morrissey-Miner
James Porter-Saloon Keeper
Dr. Robert Phillips-Hotel Keeper
Peter Wary-Farmer

Bachelors living in Shamokin and Occupations in 1839

Peter Boughner-Carpenter
William Cherington-Blacksmith
Chauncey Eaton-Mason
Jonas L. Gilger-Carpenter
Washington B. Smink-Blacksmith
John Smink-Mail Carrier
Samuel R. Wood-Superintendent of the Danville and Pottsville Railroad
Daniel Zuern-Blacksmith
Patrick Reilly-Master Mechanic at the Railroad Shop
  Now all of these names and occupations of all the people mentioned above were recalled by a very elderly man in 1891. His name was Daniel C. Smink, and at the time he was the oldest resident of Shamokin. He even knew where each family lived! Of course he didn't mention any women or children, because at that time he probably only talked to the male figures of the households. Now on to the rest of Shamokin's History!!