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I hope you take the time to try all of the links here. I'm sure you'll enjoy them as much as I have.

Click on the cruiser to visit the Shamokin Police Site!!

Click on the camera to visit a great Shamokin site with more up to date pictures!!!!!!

The two sites above and my Dad's strong interest in the history of our area inspired me to make this site, which is why those two links have little pictures to click on and the rest just have words.

These are all good sites relating to our area. Take your time and visit as many as you can. I visited every one of them and enjoyed them very much. I learned a lot from these sites, which will help me with the challenge of producing a quality site.

 Please visit this link. It concerns the preservation of the Brush Valley. This should be a concern of every resident of Shamokin and Coal Township. I for one, strongly support this mission to protect our pristine land. Thank you, Ed.

--Brush Valley Preservation--

Amusement Parks

--Edgewood Park--

--Doodlebug Park--

--Knoebels Grove--

--Pheonix at Knoebels--

--Pioneer Tunnel--

--Shikellamy State Park--

Molly Maguires

--Mollys are coming--

--The overthrow--

Surrounding Cities


--More Centralia--


--Mount Carmel--

--Northumberland County--

Area Buisiness

--Jack Williiams--

--Trains N Things--

--Palmer's Diner--

--Office Extras--

--B&L Auto Dealerships--

--Big Ed's Trading Cards--

--Fairview Fire Co.--

--Keister's Security Service--

--Plumbing Outlet--

--Shamokin Area Community Hospital--

--Shamokin Lions Club--

--Jones Home Center--

--Shamokin-Coal Township Public Library--

--National Ticket Co.--

Shamokin Sites

--Shamokin School District--

--Shamokin Creek Restoration--

Misc. Sites

--Beer Collection--

--PA Sportsfever--

--Anthracite Mueseum--

--Mine Country--

--Mine Region--

--Tribute to Miners--

--Travel in Pa.--

--Welcome to Pa.--

--The Whaleback--

--The Decapod--

--Lower Anthracite Model Rairoad--

--Happy Harry's Homepage--