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Well, welcome to the History page!! This is just a brief history of the city of Shamokin.

From the founding father of our city to the first load of coal, It's all here. This is a highly condensed version of our history, so a lot of things might be left out. But I'm just trying to get across the most important facts about the city, without boring you with too much readng.

I give my heartfelt thanks to my fiancee` Brandy, for taking the time to do all the research and writing of the history for me.

So if you still want to learn about Shamokin, by all means read the history!!!


  Shamokin, a great place to live, a great way of life. There is a rich history, and lavishly beautiful scenery. What more could a person ask for!! Although I am not a native of Shamokin, I LOVE it and will forever call it HOME.

  Neighbor helping neighbor. These are the words the great Shamokin people have and always will live by. This is a tribute to all the hardworking men, women, and children that made Shamokin what it is today.

  Well I suppose I should start at the beginning. Although there weren't any documentated Indian tribes establishing residency in what would become Shamokin. There were in fact two (2) heavily traveled Indian trails here. One of those trails later became what is today Route 61. The other trail went through, what is now, The Shamokin Cemetary.

  Just the name Shamokin has a history in itself. Sunbury was once called Shamokin, then there is Shamokin Dam, Shamokin Township etc.

  Derived from the Indian language "Shamokin" means The place of eels. It actually went through many spellings before we were labled Shamokin. These include: Schachamoki, Sahamoki, Shahomoking, and last but not least Shaumokin. Eventually the "u" was dropped, maybe by John C. Boyd, leaving us with Shamokin.

  Well that was a mouthful. Let's jump to Shamokin in 1839 on the next page. Enjoy!