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This is Maysville #1, operated from 1942 to 1961, it produced 2,233,000 tons of coal over the 20 years that it was worked. It had a maximum workforce of 245, and had 3 fatalities.

And here is Maysville #2, located between Ranshaw and Kulpmont, started in 1943 and was abandoned in 1966, over the 24 years it was worked, it produced 1,224,000 tons of coal, had a maximum workforce of 156, and had 3 fatalities.

This is the Nelson breaker on 5th Street in Shamokin, as you can see it is burnng here. The breaker started in 1869 to 1899, was started again in 1924 and lasted until 1928, it was worked for a total of 30 years, producing 2,080,000 tons of coal, had a workforce of 766, and had 53 fatalities.