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Welcome to my Industries page!! The biggest Industry in Shamokin was, of course, coal. So It's only right that I start there. I have pictures of some collierys from our area. Under the pictures, I listed the statistics that I could find for each colliery.

So, take your time and check out everything here. There's much more to be added as it becomes available to me and as time permits.

Here's the Cameron colliery, we know it as the Glenn Burn. Loacated in Shamokin, the colliery started operation in 1837 and was abandoned in 1970. It was worked for 134 years, produced 33,353,000 tons of coal during that time, had a maximum work force of 1420 people, and had 217 fatalities.

Here are two pictures of the Henry Clay colliery, located about a 1/4 mile South of the end of Shamokin St. Right across from what we call the Ukey road.There were actually two Henry Clay collierys, as the first one burned down.

So I'll start with Henry Clay #1 operated from 1859 to 1878, mined 910,000 tons of coal, had a work force of 130, and suffered 11 fatalities.

Henry Clay #2 operated from 1876 to 1932, mined 7,610,000 tons of coal, had a work frce of 1498, and had 92 fatalities.